Brow Lift & Ear Pinning Surgery in Providence, Rhode Island, Boston, Massachusetts, & Connecticut

If you have sagging forehead or brows that hang too low and too close to the eyes, or if you have deep vertical furrows between the eyebrows – also called frown lines – a forehead lift, or brow lift, may be right for you. It can give a more youthful and rested appearance to your forehead and upper eyelids. It can correct a drooping brow-line by reducing the horizontal lines and worry lines that can make you appear angry, sad or tired.

An ear tuck (otoplasty) can correct ears that stick out and are more prominent than you want them to be. Otoplasty, or ear pinning surgery, sets the ears back against the sides of the head, minimizing protrusion and bringing the ears into a more normal position. The end result is ears that have normal folds and shape along with normal protrusion from the sides of the head.

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