Reshaping Your Nose Without Surgery

Normally, altering the shape of one’s nose requires cosmetic surgery. That was before. Today, nose reshaping can be done without the need to go under the knife, making the procedure much quicker, easier and a whole lot less expensive. If you’re planning to have some work done on your nose, you might want to consider this alternative.

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty is not a typical cosmetic surgery procedure. Instead, this pain-free procedure involves BOTOX® injections to give the nose an even profile. During the process, you are not administered anesthesia or any drug that will leave you unconscious throughout the process. Rather, you’ll be awake and conscious as the doctor performs the procedure. Accordingly, you can direct and completely control the procedure and its final outcome.

There’s no swelling or scarring. With cosmetic surgery, you’d have to stay indoors post-surgery for quite some time until your nose healed. This nonsurgical procedure will only last around 15 minutes. What’s more, you can resume your regular activities the moment you leave the doctor’s office.

Ideally, this procedure is suited for people aged 18 and above. If you’re planning to have nose work done, speak to your doctor about nonsurgical rhinoplasty.