Tuck Your Tummy Fat

Most people want flat, washboard abs. In fact, most women prefer a man with wonderful abs than those with big, bulging biceps. However, shaping your abs into a sculptured look can be very hard. It would entail many hours of hard work at the gym, not to mention discipline and diet. Unless you have a raging metabolism, getting flat abs can be very difficult because the calories we consume often outweigh the calories we burn on a normal basis, resulting in the accumulation and buildup of fat on our belly.

However, with today’s cosmetic surgery innovations, getting those sculptured abs can be possible. With abdominoplasty, you can flaunt those perfect abs without the need of going through so much dieting, exercising and overall lifestyle changes.

Abdominoplasty is colloquially known as “tummy tuck.” As its name implies, the procedure involves tucking the flab of the tummy to give a firm and toned look. This is perfect for people who have lost a lot of weight and now have excess and sagging skin. This procedure also works for women who have recently given birth, since pregnancy causes the skin to stretch and become loose.

Having sexy and attractive abs is a wonderful and very tempting idea. However, with our busy and hectic lifestyle, we usually don’t have the time to exercise. In addition, stress from everyday work increases the production of cortisol. This hormone causes increased belly fat. But with tummy tuck procedures, getting washboard abs may become a reality.