Breast Augmentation Surgery Procedure

These days, surgeons are cutting away bone to make attractive changes on their patients. “More and more people who are on the forefront of facial plastic surgery are realizing that structural issues are critical,” Dr. Spiegel told Reuters Health.

It appears that beauty is no longer skin-deep. This was an observation made by Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel of Boston University School of Medicine on plastic surgery patients who are no longer content with nose jobs and removing wrinkles.

People with square jaws are now getting procedures, even as far as China and Korea, to make their faces more rounded. Surgeons are sawing off jaw bone and installing plates and screws to make their chins look narrow.

Moreover, people with prominent cheeks are having a procedure where the surgeons remove fat to make the cheeks look smaller. The procedure usually costs around $10,000, taking at least an hour or two.

Dr. Xiaoping Chen of Nanjing Medical Center in Nanjing, China, also expressed that most patients who opt for a face-rounding surgery are women.

Dr. Spiegel divulged that he encountered many men who wanted a more feminine-looking, rounded face. “There are some [men] who just say, ‘My face is too square,’ and they don’t like that look,” he shares.

On the other hand, Dr. Ross Clevens of Melbourne, Florida, relates that most of his male patients would rather have a squared and angular face. He puts silicone implants on the angle of the jaw to have that masculine look. He adds that the procedure is generally safe.