Bariatric Patients Not Aware of Cosmetic Surgery O

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) announced that most patients who had weight loss surgery had no idea about follow-up procedures to remove loose skin – although not all bariatric surgery patients need subsequent cosmetic surgery procedures after the significant weight loss.

Around 75 percent of patients who had undergone bariatric surgery did not know about cosmetic surgery procedures like body contouring to get rid of the sagging skin resulting from dramatic weight loss. The researchers added that had the patients learned about this option, they would have opted for this kind of cosmetic surgery.

“Bariatric surgery isn’t just a commitment to weight loss. It often requires body contouring surgeries to help the patient’s skin fit their new body,” lead researcher Dr. Jason Spector says. “Many massive weight loss patients suffer large amounts of loose, sagging skin as a result of their rapid weight loss that, if not removed, can cause rashes, wounds, infection and limit comfortable mobility. It is apparent that insufficient counseling at the time of bariatric surgery is obscuring viable body contouring options for these patients.”

The study also revealed that 14 percent went to consult with a plastic surgeon while 11 percent went ahead with the body contouring procedure.

While most patients had no idea about the body contouring option, some patients opted to forego the procedure for economic reasons. Nearly one-third of them said it was too expensive and was not covered by their insurance.

In this light, Dr. Spector says, “There needs to be a push to have body contouring after massive weight loss covered by insurance. This isn’t just aesthetic surgery. It is necessary surgery that rehabilitates patients, alleviates discomfort and improves overall quality of life.”