Many Unqualified Doctors Perform Plastic Surgery

As we all know, plastic surgery can be a very expensive procedure, and many surgeons make a good living out of doing it. Hefty fees and charges run up in the thousands of dollars. This basically covers the treatment costs, consultation fees, hospitalization and medication costs and the surgeon’s fees. The cost of the surgical procedure may also depend on the extent of the work done – the bigger the job, the more expensive it is going to be.
Given its lucrative nature, more doctors are delving into the business of plastic surgery during these economically troubled times. As result, many ill-equipped and insufficiently trained doctors are performing these procedures, leading to a good number of people having botched plastic surgery procedures. This was the report published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).
Dr. Malcolm Z. Roth, of the Albany Medical Center in New York and head of the ASPS, said many unskilled and unqualified doctors are performing cosmetic surgery procedures on patients. Ideally, only a licensed and board-certified individual should perform plastic surgery. But according to Dr. Roth, many physicians are presenting themselves as such when in fact they are not qualified to do the plastic surgeon’s job.
Dinora Rodriguez of Los Angeles relates her awful experience when she had her breast implants done by an unqualified individual. “My breasts looked really bad,” Ms. Rodriguez said. “It looked like I had one big breast instead of two. And the pain was terrible.”
Troy, Michigan plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn said Ms. Rodriguez’s condition is known as symmastia or a uniboob. “It’s where the implant pockets are connected in the middle and they definitely shouldn’t be.”