Botox® Used against Migraines

It may not seem plausible, but neurologists and plastic surgeons came up with a new idea of combining plastic surgery and Botox to cure migraines. Led by Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh, his team would check first if the patient is an ideal candidate. Using Botox, the doctors would block the problematic muscles while stubborn nerves would be desensitized using local anesthetic.

According to anesthesiologist Dr. Elena Ocher, they would pick, as an ideal candidate, someone who would respond to conservative Botox treatment and injection. Thereafter, the doctors would identify the pressure points that cause pain during the actual procedure.

Migraine sufferer Jonathan Heiney relates that he has been suffering from migraine for a very long time. “I had pretty much a headache for six years nonstop. But some of the days, my eyes would black out and I couldn’t see and then some days you’d be able to deal with it.”

“Literally a switch has been turned off. This immense pain that was going on, all of a sudden there’s this relief as early as the next day after surgery,” Dr. Alizadeh, a plastic surgeon, said.

But this didn’t make everyone a believer. Take Dr. Larry Newman, for instance.

A neurologist from St. Luke’s–Roosevelt Hospital, Dr. Newman said, “It sounds really too good to be true, which makes me suspect.” He thinks that what the patients are experiencing may just be a placebo response. “Right now, I call it extreme because there’s only one study and there’s not enough evidence that I would feel comfortable sending a family member and if I couldn’t send a family member, I surely wouldn’t send a patient.”