Cosmetic Surgery Becoming Increasingly Popular amo

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) revealed that around 49 percent of males approve of plastic surgery. In 2010, more than 750,000 cosmetic procedures were performed on men. Nevertheless, male cosmetic surgery is increasingly becoming more popular, Dr. Ram Kalus said.

A board-certified plastic surgeon from Charleston, SC, Dr. Kalus thinks the popularity rise is primarily due to the aesthetic benefits that cosmetic surgery offers. The ability to boost self-esteem and confidence is what drives men to undergo the procedures.

The common cosmetic procedures elected by men include gynecomastia treatment (reduction of enlarged male breasts), rhinoplasty and “love handles” liposuction. In addition, noninvasive surgical procedures are also performed, such as facial rejuvenation enhancement and Botox® treatment.

On the other hand, rhinoplasty is colloquially known as a nose job. Dr. Kalus relates that nose enhancement or reshaping procedures that he performs are sometimes accompanied by chin jobs.

“The most common procedure I perform on men is gynecomastia correction, followed by eyelid rejuvenation, liposuction and face and neck lift procedures,” Dr. Kalus added.

In light of ASAPS’ statistics, it would seem that Dr. Kalus’s observation has been confirmed, noting an 88 percent rise in male plastic surgery procedures performed since 1997.

“More men are seeking plastic surgery today than ever before and this is certainly true in my practice as well,” Dr. Kalus said.

He also noted that the advances in cosmetic surgery techniques makes male patients comfortable undergoing the procedure. In addition, the new technology also affords minimal scarring while allowing subtle results.