Weird Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Sought by Americ

Once in a while, a new cosmetic surgery procedure springs up and sweeps the whole nation into a frenzy. From blasting unwanted fat deposits to making breasts perkier, these new methods pop onto the scene. But Dr. Richard Ellenbogen said it is normal that new, trendy treatments come and sway the public, but only a few of them actually stick.

“After being in this practice for almost 40 years, I’ve seen new things come and go,” Dr. Ellenbogen, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon based in Beverly Hills, explained. “There are only a few things that have really stuck on and that have actually gotten better as time goes on.”

He also noticed the shift in today’s plastic surgery trend. While many people opt to have natural-looking results, there are some who want to look like they’ve had some work done.

“Generally, people are now demanding something that looks real,” Dr. Ellenbogen said. “However, there’s an equal number of people who want to look fake. They want to look like they’ve had a facelift. There are even people who want their tongues split to look like a snake.” He calls it the “the lunatic fringe of plastic surgery.”

Here are some of the bizarre cosmetic procedures that have invaded the U.S.

Cinderella Surgery

Can’t fit comfortably in your stilettos? With Cinderella Surgery, you can squeeze cozily into your heels. So how did this procedure come about? Dr. Ali Sadrieh, a Beverly Hills podiatrist, noticed how many women complain about having foot pains when they wear stylish stilettos. To solve this conundrum, he devised a procedure that involves removing bunions to make high heels more bearable to the wearer.

Thigh Gap Therapy

Remember the trend made famous by supermodels? Thigh gap, or that noticeable space between the legs, is a natural thing for supermodels because of their skinny physique coupled with having wide hips. But this hasn’t stopped many women from aspiring to have it; thus, came about Thigh Gap Therapy. It is a new procedure that involves cold laser treatments to zap the unwanted cushioning located between the thighs.

Eyelash Transplants

Not happy with your eyelashes? Check out Eyelash Transplants. This procedure was initially developed for burn victims who have lost their lashes. The transplanted hair comes from the patient’s head.

Ball Ironing

Want to look younger “down there”? Here’s to below-the-belt grooming. Check out Ball Ironing. As the name implies, it involves tightening of the scrotal skin. Think of it as a “facial” for those jewels.

Vacation Breasts Procedure

Don’t want to be flat-chested while you strut in your bikini? Perk up your breasts for those special occasions with Vacation Breasts Procedure. Although the effect is temporary, this is perfect for those who want to enlarge their breasts for a particular event such as a beach party or wedding. The temporary boost in breast size lasts for about two to three weeks.