Teens and Plastic Surgery

Is plastic surgery right for teens? Many teens today look to plastic surgery as a means to enhance their appearance or improve their self-esteem. Their friends have probably blurted something like, “Gee! You have a big nose.” Unknowingly, this somewhat ordinary remark has caused pain, driving many teens to take action.

Enhancing one’s self-image and self-confidence are the two most common reasons why teens opt to undergo cosmetic surgery. It is the promise of correcting physical shortcomings that has caused them to make such a decision. While adults have the same reasons, many teens simply want to fit in with the right crowd. In many cases, they are doing it to meet the expectations of other people; most teens do not have the emotional maturity to comprehend whether this is right or wrong.

In addition, teens have a limited grasp of the realities of plastic surgery. Most of them are not aware of the risks or the limitations surrounding it. There are also procedures that are not appropriate for them; save for exceptional cases, cosmetic procedures such as breast enlargement, cheek implants and liposuction are generally considered wrong for them.

Here are some of the common procedures for teens:

  • Nose reshaping (this is the most commonly requested procedure among teens)
  • Ear pingback surgery
  • Chin augmentation or reshaping
  • Breast asymmetry correction
  • Breast reduction (usually resorted to by girls who are struggling with shoulder or back pain or breathing difficulties due to large breasts)
  • Gynecomastia (resorted to for treating excessive breasts in male teens)
  • Dermabrasion or laser skin treatment (to reduce acne scarring)


Do you have a teen who’s considering plastic surgery? Speak with a plastic surgeon who can help you decide whether or not the cosmetic procedure is right for him or her. Schedule a consultation to learn about the best options available.