Surprising Facts About Plastic Surgery

Did you know most techniques used in plastic surgery today were developed during World War II? During that time, many people were injured, so doctors were forced to improvise in their treatment of these patients. This led to the creation of what are today’s commonly used procedures in plastic surgery.

If there’s something to be thankful to former U.S. President Bill Clinton, it’s that he facilitated the creation of a law allowing plastic surgeries to be covered by insurance policies.

Plastic surgery is not a new field in medicine. Did you know ancient Egyptians also performed plastic surgery on dead people? What’s more, was is a popular procedure during the Roman era, when people use it as a means to get rid of scars. People at that time looked at scars as something shameful. Men in particular did not like having scars because scars depict them as someone who turned their back during war.

Did you know the first breast surgical procedure was performed in Germany? The patient, a singer, had a fatty growth on her breast that she wanted removed. Are you wondering when the first nose procedure was performed?

In 1977, French doctor Yves-Gerard Illouz developed what is now known as liposuction. Using blunt cannulas, he performed the fat-removal procedure on a woman. The procedure was considered a success because Dr. Illouz was able to remove the fat growth on the patient’s back without any scars.

It was in 600 BC that the first nose reshaping job was done. Ancient medicine men from India took skin from other body parts and used it to reshape the patient’s nose. Since breathing was a challenge for the patient, wooden tubes were improvised as nostrils during the healing and recovery period. Speaking of nose jobs, the Brits began working on their plastic surgery techniques in the 17th century when they observed an Indian mason perform the procedure using ancient techniques.

Did you know some of these plastic surgery facts?