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Richard Zienowicz, MD

Jonathan Brower, MD
113 Wickenden Street
Providence RI 02903

Post-Weight Loss Cosmetic Surgery

Post-Weight Loss Cosmetic Surgery


f you have excess body skin due to significant weight loss or post-gastric bypass surgery, chances are you’re looking to rid yourself of it, and return your body shape to normal. A smoother, flatter abdomen, buttocks tightening, diminished thigh cellulite, the removal of back rolls – major weight loss surgery from bodybyZ can accomplish all of this and so much more! During our safe, effective, post-weight loss surgery, we remove excess skin from the back, belly, buttocks and thighs, as necessary. Anyone who has achieved significant weight loss – which is often a critical first step in improving health, longevity, and quality of life – may need to undergo a full-truncal body lift, and bodybyZ can be there for you as well. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Zienowicz performs these body lift cosmetic surgeries under general anesthesia, either in the hospital or an outpatient surgery center and provides you with the stunning results you want.

It’s important to remember that whether you achieve massive weight loss through diet, exercise or bariatric surgery (gastric bypass surgery), you have accomplished a lot. So you’re probably ready to enjoy your newfound health. Don’t look and feel burdened by so much excess skin. Post-weight loss cosmetic surgery or a truncal body lift can give you a permanent improvement in the contour and proportion of the treated areas. With help from Dr. Zienowicz, you can once again feel great comfort and self-confidence, in or out of your own clothes! For more information concerning post-weight loss surgery, or to schedule your own appointment with Dr. Zienowicz and bodybyZ, please contact us at 401.453.0120. Or use our convenient online Request a Consultation form.


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