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Mommy Makeover Surgery Rhode Island


aving children fills your life with unexpected blessings, every day. But the physical process of bearing, delivering, and nursing newborns can have dramatic effects on your body. Your breasts may seem to sag or have become deflated. You have more fat deposits where once you only saw a tight, toned stomach. Your skin seems loose in various areas and you don’t know how to get that elasticity back. Many women try to return to their treasured pre-pregnancy appearance with diet and exercise, but some of the physical changes of motherhood can only be reversed with surgery. 


Dr. Zienowicz at bodybyZ can help! With our popular “Mommy Makeover” surgical techniques, we can turn back the hands of time, revitalize your youthful look, and give you the healthy, muscular physique you enjoyed before children.


Our Approach to the "Mommy Makeover"


The best "Mommy Makeover" carefully considers each patient's unique aesthetic concerns and goals, safely transofrming existing anatomy into an enviable result. We use state-of-the-art techniques for breast lift and augmentation, as well as tummy tuck surgery. Some of our techniques, such as the Augmentation Mammoplasty by Reverse Abdominoplasty (AMBRA) and Trans-Abdominal Breast Augmentation (TABA) procedures, were invented by Dr. Zienowicz, himself!


The Most Advanced Surgical Techniques

Dr. Zienowicz uses innovative breast lift and tummy tuck procedures, customized to your body, to lift and reshape your breasts, erase unsightly stretch marks, and tighten your abdomen with a tummy tuck. Depending on your unique body shape, you may benefit from additional liposuction to eliminate excess fat deposits or a labiaplasty to rejuvenate the external female genitals.


Achieving the most beautiful results with the maximal safety is our priority. The surgical incisions are designed so the scars are hide below the bikini line. With your Mommy Makeover, you never have to feel self-conscious about showing off your new body or worry about unattractive scars. The whole team at bodybyZ knows how important this procedure is to you. Dr. Zienowicz has perfected his techniques to give you optimal results you crave.


Mommy Makeovers are popular with women who have had multiple pregnancies as well, but in all cases, these surgical options don’t take the place of a healthy diet and regular exercise.


The Mommy Makeover Recovery Time

Women who undergo all of the surgical procedures involved in our Mommy Makeover can expect a longer downtime than others who undergo only one or two. Generally, women will experience a comfortable recovery time of 4-7 days. Yoga and or/low-impact stretching is encouraged to get the body ready for more strenuous and spontaneous movement. Most women return to work after 1-2 weeks and resume normal physical activity after 6 weeks.


For more information concerning “Mommy Makeover” surgery, or to schedule your personalized consultation with Dr. Zienowicz at bodybyZ, please contact us at 401.453.0120 or use our online Request a Consultation form.


Mommy Makeover


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