Face & Neck Lifts Gallery

In the interest of maintaining our patient’s comfort and privacy, we have a limited number of photos available online. More before and after photos are available for viewing during your consultation.

50 Year Old Female

This wonderful woman in her 50's felt as if her eyes and lower face were aging her. Dr. Zienowicz performed a lower and upper eyelid lift with a facelift and expertly replaced small amounts of her own fat to rejuvenate her facial features naturally yet dramatically. 

36 Year Old Female

36 Year Old Female underwent a modified neck lift with a cervical spanning suture. Dr. Zienowicz and the patient decided to graft some fat to the patient’s chin as well to create the best profile. These photos are 2 months post op.

45 Year Old Female

This patient decided to address changes in her neck and upper eyelids that prematurely aged her appearance. Dr. Z tightened her lower face and neck with a facelift and rejuvenated her eyes with an upper blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift. These photos are 1 month post op.

47 Year Old Female

47 Year Old Female underwent a face lift. Dr. Zineowicz helped the patient through a rhytidectomy surgery, which pulled back excess skin around her lower face. Photos are 4 months post op.

38 Year Old Female

This lovely patient had a genetic predisposition to a "double chin," or excess skin and fat and an obtuse angle to her neckline even at an early age. Dr. Z was able to address her concerns with a neck lift, which removes excess skin and fat and tightens the deeper tissues of the neck.

59 Year Old Female

59 Year Old Female underwent facelift with fat grafting to their nose. Dr. Zienowicz and the patient agreed that a facelift would provide the patient with the best result. Photos are 6 months post op.

36 Year Old Female

36 Year Old Female underwent Cervical Spanning Suture procedure to improve the look of her neck. These photos are 2 months post op.

Young Male

This patient underwent chin augmentation surgery with permanent implant to masculinize the jawline and increase the projection of his jaw and chin.