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Richard Zienowicz, MD

Jonathan Brower, MD
113 Wickenden Street
Providence RI 02903

A Broad Range of Payment Plans

Payment Plans at bodybyZ


lastic surgery has the potential to transform your life by enhancing your appearance, helping your feel more confident and improving your overall well-being. Dr. Zienowicz strives to make cosmetic procedures affordable by providing a number of helpful payment options, including insurance, ALPHAEON Credit, CareCredit financing and more.


We want you to focus on quality when making choices about your lifestyle healthcare options, not costs. If you’re seeking to finance self-pay procedures through the bodybyZ Plastic Surgery Center, you also have the freedom to select from an array of payment plans that suits your needs, including a “Budget Pay Plan.”




We accept most insurance and many of our procedures may be covered. Please call us to verify whether or not we are participating with your insurance company and whether your procedure will be covered.


CareCredit is structured to let patients utilize a special credit card for cosmetic surgery. It provides special financing and convenient payment options. If you’re interested in the CreditCare system as a means of paying for work from bodybyZ, you can call their toll-free number at 800-365-8295.


ALPHAEON Credit gives you convenient monthly payment options (1 year interest-free) to help you cover the costs of both surgical and non-surgical procedures. This system was designed by forward-thinking lifestyle physicians with their patients’ unique needs in mind.


Superior credit limits, credit terms for financing – ALPHAEON Credit allows for more helpful choices for you to pay off the full amount of your treatment and aids you in achieving your individual wellness and beauty goals. Dr. Zienowicz is an ALPHAEON-designated physician who has partnered with this innovative lifestyle healthcare company to offer you state-of-the-art products and services promoting wellness, beauty, and performance.


For many patients, financing is the ideal way to pay for cosmetic surgery and to help them achieve the looks and body they’ve always wanted. bodybyZ continues to monitor the top financing options in the industry (short-term loans with no interest and more), and make the most attractive ones available to give you the most streamlined experience. 


For more information about working with Dr. Zienowicz on financing arrangement and to schedule your  own appointment with us, please contact bodybyZ at 401-453-0120 or use our simple form to contact a member of our staff. They will be happy to assist you.

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