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Richard Zienowicz, MD

Jonathan Brower, MD
113 Wickenden Street
Providence RI 02903

Liposuction Surgery Gallery

40 Year Old Female

Dr. Brower provided his patient with liposuction of her tummy, love handles, and back to contour her midsection and accentuate her waist. 

26 Year Old Female

26 year old woman who underwent liposuction to upper arms with Renuvion for skin tightening. 

40 Year Old Female

40 Year Old female underwent liposuction to the stomach, hips, and lower back. Photos are 1 month post-op.

57 Year Old Woman 

This patient underwent liposuction to the abdomen, love handles, and back by Dr. Brower for this beautiful result to achieve her goals of a flatter abdomen and more sculpted waistline.


30 Year Old Female

30 Year Old female underwent liposuction to the stomach, back, and thighs. Photos are one month post op.

40 Year Old Woman – Knees and Calves

This woman wanted to shape her lower legs and was able to have her goals achieved with liposuction of her knees and calves performed by Dr. Z.

39 Year Old Female – Arms

This patient underwent liposuction of her upper arms to define and sculpt her upper extremity.

45 Year Old Female – Arms

45 Year old female came to Dr. Zienowicz in preparation for her wedding in seven months. She underwent liposuction to numerous parts of her body including her upper arms. These photos are 3 months post op.

26 Year Old Female

26 Year Old Female underwent liposuction to the stomach and lower back as part of a Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure. Photos are 1 month post op.

35 Year Old Mother

35 Year Old mother underwent liposuction to her lower back and stomach. Photos are 2 months post-op.

29 Year Old Female

29 Year Old Woman underwent liposuction to hips, thighs, knees, and ankles. Photos are 2 months post-op.

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