Breast Revision Surgery Gallery

28 Year Old Female

28 Year Old Female underwent breast revisional surgery. She had a previous implant surgery from a gynecologist, which immediately resulted in the symmastia that continued to worsen. Dr. Zienowicz and the patient agreed to continue with 500 cc implants. Photos are 2 months post op.

36 Year Old Female

36 year old female came to Dr. Zienowicz with 15 year old submuscular saline implants placed from another surgeon, for bilateral implant exchange and a circumvertical mastopexy to correct her breast sag and to downsize her implants. 400cc saline implants were removed and replaced with 210cc Natrelle round moderate profile submuscular silicone implants. After photos are 3 months post op.

40 Year Old Female

40 Year Old Female underwent implant exchange procedure. Original implants were saline, with malposition issue stemming from the original implant surgery from another surgeon. Patient maintains size D breasts, photos 2 months post op.

43 Year Old Female

43 Year Old Female underwent a series of procedures including implant removal, reconstruction of the breast mounds, mastopexy, and fat grafting to revise her previous breast surgery. These photos are one year post op.

42 Year Old Female

42 year old woman at the time of initial procedure. She came to Dr. Zienowicz after having an augmentation with another physician for a circumvertical mastopexy and implant exchange. 1st set of postoperative photos is 21 months post op, the second set of photos is 16 years post op.

42 Year Old Female

42 Year Old with multiple previous surgeries and severe capsular deformity.

Breast Revision Patient


41 Year Old Female

41 Year Old with prior mastopexy for tubular breast.

23 Year Old Female

Chest Wall Asymmetry 23 y/o with severe squeal of scoliosis treatment. Multiple orthopedic procedures including rib harvesting.

21 Year Old Female

21 year old female with unilateral pectus excavatum.