Breast Revision Surgery Gallery

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17 Year Old Female

17 Year Old Female with 5 year history of multiple cup size discrepancy. Dr. Zienowicz and the patient worked together to select the right combination of procedures and correct sizes of implants to assist with the breast size difference.

45 Year Old Female

45 Year old female came to Dr. Zienowicz with a partially deflated saline implant, and a moderate capsular contraction in her right side. She wished to get larger, more form fitting implants. Photos are 6 months post op.

36 Year Old Female

36 year old female patient presented with an above the muscle augmentation by another physician with severe hardening of the implant capsules with significant breast sag. Her implants were exchanged and placed underneath the muscle, capsules removed, and a circumvertical mastopexy was performed. Photos 6 years post op.