Natural BBL Gallery

28 Year Old Female

This patient had undergone some weight loss but found that she could not target certain areas without liposuction. BBL surgery can remove fat from areas that bother patients and redistribute it to areas where they want fullness. This patient underwent liposuction by Dr. Z with Renuvion skin tightening to the abdomen and flanks with fat grafting to hips and buttocks for a natural BBL. Photos are 1 month post op.

29 Year Old Female

Dr. Zienowicz provided lipo 360 with fat grafting to buttocks to this patient whose goals were to slim her waistline and accentuate her buttocks. Results are 5 months post op. This natural-appearing BBL will have longterm beautiful results.

62 Year Old Female

62 Year Old Female underwent liposuction with fat grafting to the buttocks, with Dr. Zienowicz. For her Brazilian Butt Lift, liposuction was done from the hips, arms, and medial thighs. Photos are 2 months post op.

34 Year Old Female

This patient underwent liposuction of her love handles and bra line to accentuate her figure and enhance her waistline for a natural BBL result.

46 Year Old Female

This patient desired a BBL to increase projection in her buttocks and give a rounder shape in addition to decreasing fat in areas that she wanted addressed with surgery. Dr. Z performed skin-tightening Renuvion to her abdomen to provide for maximum effect as well as liposuction to her abdomen, flanks, and thighs with fat grafting to her buttocks. Results are 3 weeks postop.

Liposuction with Fat Grafting

This patient was bothered by excess fat in her love handles and wanted a more hourglass figure. She underwent liposuction of the flanks with fat grafting to the buttocks to contour her lower body.

40 Year Old Female

40 year old woman who had always lacked fullness in her buttocks who underwent liposuction to flanks, back, abdomen, and thighs with 500cc of fat grafted to each buttocks. Photos are 4 months post op.

40 Year Old Female

40 Year Old female underwent a BBL procedure to feminize her curves. As an athlete she had done everything she could at the gym to shape her body, and we were happy to help. Photos are 4 months post-op.

49 Year Old Female

49 Year Old male to female transgender patient underwent a Brazilian Butt Lift to feminize her curves. Donor sites, such as her abdomen, were selected with the help of Dr. Zineowicz to assist in creating a curvaceous figure. Photos are 3 months post op.