Post-Weight Loss Cosmetic Surgery Gallery

43 Year Old Female

43 Year old female underwent two procedures to aid in excess skin removal and improvement of her abdomen, breasts, arms, and legs. A mastopexy with implant augmentation allowed for evening of her breasts. Patient ended up with a D cup, photos are 1 year post op.

36 Year Old Female

36 Year Old Female underwent surgery with Dr. Zienowicz after major weight loss. She lost 160 lbs after gastric bypass, and needed some assistance with skin removal. Photos are 5 months post op.

45 Year Old Female

45 year old female patient who underwent gastric bypass surgery and a 95lb weight loss. To remove subsequent excess skin, she underwent an abdominoplasty and thigh lift and breast lift with augmentation. Photos are 3 months post op.

42 Year Old Female

This patient was bothered by excess abdominal skni after major weight loss. Dr. Z performed a traditional abdominoplasty to transform her shape.

50 Year Old Female

50 year old patient who had a truncal lift, breast lift, back lift, and abdominoplasty and thigh lift to remove excess skin.

40 Year Old Male

40 year old male who had undergone 50 pound weight loss through exercise and diet who wished to improve excess skin in his abdomen and back that would not go away with exercise. Photos are 5 months post op.

50 Year Old Female

Woman in her 50’s who underwent thigh lift, brachioplasty, anchor style abdominoplasty, and breast lift to reshape her body after massive weight loss. Photos are 1 year post op.

Major Weight Loss Patient

This patient loss over 100 pounds and had the resulting sagging skin removed expertly by Dr. Z through a breast lift with augmentation and tummy tuck.

Major Weight Loss Patient

This patient lost weight but was bothered by sagging breasts and excessive abdominal skin. Dr. Z provided her with a breast lift and reduction and abdominoplasty.