Freeze Your Fat Away for Good

CoolSculpting Providence


r. Richard Zienowicz may be a plastic surgeon at bodybyZ, but the Coolsculpting procedure is a revolutionary non-surgical fat-loss procedure. Non-invasive, safe, gentle and very efficient, Coolsculpting has been proven time and time again in helping patients to shed excess weight and target “trouble areas” (muffin top, love handles, belly pooch, outer and inner thighs, fat under the chin, and more) in both men and women!


Certified by the FDA, Coolsculpting uses a controlled cooling process that has no adverse effects on the skin. This patented, targeted procedure freezes and destroys the fat cells underneath the skin’s surface, but not the tissue surrounding it. Once they’ve crystallized, your fat cells wither and are naturally removed from your body. Coolsculpting specifically targets fat cells alone in problem areas; eliminating them in an easier, non-surgical, non-intrusive way that the conventional methods (diet and exercise) can’t match.


There are no knives, hoses, needles or scars. In as little as a few months, you’re left with only stunning results that create brand new you and look great from every angle!

The Benefits of Coolsculpting

Patients from all over New England are enjoying the many fabulous benefits of the Coolsculpting process. Aside from just looking and feeling better, physically, and feeling better about themselves, patients can now:

  • Skip the downtime associated with traditional fat-loss surgery
  • Forego any and all anesthesia shots
  • Permanently reduce the number of total fat cells in the treated areas
  • Wear clothes they haven’t in years
  • Receive positive comments on their looks from others
  • Deliver the “WOW” factor to family and friends
  • Have a renewed self-confidence
  • And more…

The bodybyZ Difference

Coolsculpting is revolutionary and beneficial. But Coolsculpting with Dr. Richard Zienowicz and bodybyZ will change your life forever! 

Dr. Z talks you through the process, helps you determine where you want to shed some excess weight with precision, then specifically-targets the Coolsculpting procedure to those areas. He and our staff here at bodybyZ utilize leading-edge equipment and technology to administer the controlled cooling needed to be successful.


For your safety, and for the best visit possible, there are also sensors in this equipment that will stop the cooling process immediately should the area become too cold for the skin to safely endure. Your comfort is, and always has been, the number one priority. It shows in the testimonials of our patients – both past and present.


Trends come and go, but there is one that never changes: people want to defy age. Dr. Zienowicz is specifically-trained, and stays up-to-date, on the safe methods of administering this popular treatment. Our practice wants you to look and feel younger, but we also want you to stay comfortable throughout the entire Coolsculpting process for the very best experience.


For more information concerning Coolsculpting, or to schedule your next appointment for permanent, easy fat loss, call 401.453.0120. Or use our convenient online Request an Appointment form.