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Richard Zienowicz, MD

Jonathan Brower, MD
113 Wickenden Street
Providence RI 02903

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Tummy Tuck Surgery Gallery

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40 Year Old Mother

Mother in her 40’s who had a separation of her abdominal muscles and a protruding umbilicus after childbirth who underwent an abdominoplasty. Her photos are 3 months post op.

30 Year Old Mother

30 Year Old Mother underwent a tummy tuck to improve the skin in and around her abdomen. Photos are 4 months post op.

59 year old patient

Dr. Brower performed a tummy tuck with lipo360 to sculpt this patient's waistline and abdomen for a beautiful new shape. Photos are six months postop. 

30 Year Old Woman

Woman in her 30’s who wished to correct excess skin and fat that she could not improve with diet and exercise.Results are 6 months post op.

42 Year Old Female

This 42 year old patient complained of a "pouch" in her abdomen after multiple pregnancies that caused her to feel self conscious. Dr. Z performed a tummy tuck to tighten her abdominal muscles and remove stretched skin to give her a physique she is confident in.

40 Year Old Mother

40 year old mother of two who had a large abdominal muscle separation that she wished to correct. This was done with an abdominoplasty. Results are two years post op.

32 Year Old Female

32 Year Old mother underwent a tummy tuck to address lax skin post-pregnancy. Photos are 3 months post-op.

Tummy Tuck Patient

This patient had skin tightening via a tummy tuck with Dr. Z.

Female Patient

This patient had noticeable diastasis recti, or muscle separation, after pregnancy that could not be improved with diet and exercise. She underwent a tummy tuck with Dr. Z to flatten her abdomen with beautiful results.

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