Tummy Tuck Surgery Gallery

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40 Year Old Mother

Mother in her 40’s who had a separation of her abdominal muscles and a protruding umbilicus after childbirth who underwent an abdominoplasty. Her photos are 3 months post op.

30 Year Old Mother

30 Year Old Mother underwent a tummy tuck to improve the skin in and around her abdomen. Photos are 4 months post op.

30 Year Old Woman

Woman in her 30’s who wished to correct excess skin and fat that she could not improve with diet and exercise.Results are 6 months post op.

42 Year Old Female

This 42 year old patient complained of a "pouch" in her abdomen after multiple pregnancies that caused her to feel self conscious. Dr. Z performed a tummy tuck to tighten her abdominal muscles and remove stretched skin to give her a physique she is confident in.

40 Year Old Mother

40 year old mother of two who had a large abdominal muscle separation that she wished to correct. This was done with an abdominoplasty. Results are two years post op.

32 Year Old Female

32 Year Old mother underwent a tummy tuck to address lax skin post-pregnancy. Photos are 3 months post-op.

Tummy Tuck Patient

This patient had skin tightening via a tummy tuck with Dr. Z.

Female Patient

This patient had noticeable diastasis recti, or muscle separation, after pregnancy that could not be improved with diet and exercise. She underwent a tummy tuck with Dr. Z to flatten her abdomen with beautiful results.