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Richard Zienowicz, MD

Jonathan Brower, MD
113 Wickenden Street
Providence RI 02903

Breast Lifts Gallery

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45 year old patient

After pregnancy this patient desired an increase in upper pole fullness and correction of breast sag. Dr. Brower provided her with a breast lift using her own tissue and no implant to achieve her goals.

Breast Lift with Implant

This patient in her 40's wanted to rejuvenate her breasts with a breast lift to reshape and lift her breasts and breast implants to increase cleavage and increase her cup size.

40 Year Old Female

40 Year old female underwent mastopexy surgery, a breast lift, with Dr. Zienowicz. The patient and Dr. Zienowicz elected to just have a breast lift without implants, and the patient is pleased with her natural looking results.

54 Year Old Female

54 Year Old Female underwent a breast lift with augmentation. The patient and Dr. Zienowicx selected 405 CC implants to provide the patient the volume she was looking for. Paient went from a size B to a size DD, photos are 6 months post op.

43 Year Old Female

43 Year old female underwent a breast lift with augmentation with Dr. Zienowicz. To achieve the best result, Dr. Zienowicz and the patient selected small 175 CC Implants. Photos are 4 months post op.

49 Year Old Female

49 Year Old female underwent a breast implant exchange and breast lift with augmentation. Previous work by another doctor left this patient with misshapen breasts, but she and Dr. Zienowicz were able to select 330 CC implants and the best lift procedure for this patient. Photos are 6 months post op.

36 Year Old Female

36 year old female who presented after having three breast surgeries with another surgeon (doughnut or periareolar mastopexy or lift and augmentation) unhappy with symmetry, areola size, and breast sag. 350cc silicone implants were replaced with Sientra shaped silicone 415cc implants in the submuscular position and a circumvertical mastopexy was performed. Photos are 15 months post op.

20 Year Old Female

Young woman in her 20’s who presented with significant asymmetry, which was corrected with a circumvertical lift on her right side and a periareolar lift on her left side and two different sized and different profile saline round submuscular implants. Photos are four months post op.

40 Year Old Female

40 year old mother who wished to correct sag and volume loss from child birth underwent a circumvertical mastopexy with Sientra textured shaped silicone 320cc implants to replace lost volume. Photos are 2 months post op.

21 Year Old Female

21 year old female patient who desired a breast lift with more volume to the upper chest. She underwent a circumvertical mastopexy with round, smooth, 150cc saline implants. Photos are 2 months post op.

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